Signs You’re a Star Wars Die-Hard Fan

Star Wars constitutes a significant part of culture globally. For many people, this show is simply indispensable. When the first episode was aired, it prompted a lot of interest albeit being somewhat weird. Bottom line is that it resonated well with audiences globally and still does today. Are you wondering whether you form part of the crowd that got caught in the Star Wars Craze? Read on.


You Clearly Understand the Appropriate Order


After watching the series numerous times over and over again, the chances are that you know where to start and finish. For instance, it’s common knowledge among die-hard fans that A New Hope, which is Episode IV, was the first movie and Episode VIII, The Last Jedi, was the last film to be released. It, therefore, follows that when introducing someone to the series, you always begin with Episode IV.


You Have a Collection

Most devoted fans of the Star Wars have a huge collection of merchandise associated with the series. Such include figurines, framed posters, a Stormtrooper costume and scale models of the film’s spacecraft. If you don’t hesitate to spend thousands of monies to own such limited-edition possessions, you’re definitely Star Wars dedicated fan. You can even find arts and crafts ideas for kids with paper with a Stars Wars theme. 


Obsessing Over Star Wars Soundtracks


Among the most prominent signs exhibited by devoted fans of this popular series is an eagerness to listen and sing along to the music from the Star Wars franchise. If your music playlist for the past month was comprised of nothing but the musical tunes from the films, you are totally smitten. You might find yourself humming to The Imperial March as your teacher or boss walks by. Similarly, you enjoy listening to the Duel Of The Fates when stuck in traffic, all of which are signs of being hooked to the Star Wars.


Attending Star Wars Related Events


For most Star Wars enthusiasts, watching the movies is just the beginning. Some fans will go as far as attending every event across the nation with a Star Wars theme. If you can’t help attending every film screening, roadshow or charity event, your devotion to the franchise is unsurpassed.


Imitating the Characters


This is arguably the most conspicuous indication of a person’s passion for the Star Wars. If you keep quoting the characters to your friends or even walking around imitating Darth Vader’s iconic breathing sounds, you are already addicted to the franchise. Some fans cannot stop speaking backward like the Jedi Master, Yoda or addressing young people or apprentices as Padawans.


Using Non-Existent Power


It’s no secret that few, (if none) humans possess the same kind of power presented by the Sith and Jedi in Star Wars. This, however, doesn’t stop the fans from living out their fantasies. If you sometimes pretend to open elevator doors, automatic gates or sliding doors with a wave of your hand, you are knee deep into the frenzy of Star Wars.


In the event that you exhibit more than one of the behaviors discussed above, the chances are that you are a die-hard fan of the Star Wars. From labeling the 4th of May as the most important day of the year, having a Star Wars quote ready for all situations, to assuming anything remotely long is a lightsaber, there are many indications that you live for the franchise.